iRiS GSA SENEGAL in partnership with Ventura Management Services has developed close relationships with world leasing compagnies, aircraft owners, airlines and ACMI providers.
We are therefore in a unique position to offer a preferential access to aircraft available worldwide.

The specificity of iRiS GSA SENEGAL is the quality and the wealth of the information that is available at -a-glance .We maintain an extensive database that is constantly fed by world leading companies, aircraft owners,airlines and ACMI providers,as part of our privileged relationships.

That is the reason why we can tell you and forecast you the aircraft availability by aircraft type, but also provide commercial and technical information related to those aircraft.
Such unprecedented level service is key to our customers for their operations and fleet planning.
Whether it is for dry/operational lease ,charter , purchase
iRiS GSA SENEGAL is your ideal partner and we invite you to contact us to assist you with your requirement .