In 2014, iRiS GSA SENEGAL in partnership with

WORLD WILD Charter Groupe, had ensured the transport of Nigerian supporters to Sao Polo.


Worldwide Charter Group began laying the ground work for our 2018 Russia World Cup operations nearly two years in advance. This is going to be the largest sporting event in our 20 year history! In partnership with our countless airline partners we are proud to offer an extensive inventory of wide body aircraft available for intercontinental charter flights, alongside a diverse array of narrow body options for short-range and domestic trips. As always, Worldwide will offer clients 24/7 support at all departure and arrival points, with site representation teams on location days in advance to confirm all logistics are in place.


We oversee and monitor every detail from start to finish, including:


⚽ Ferry Flights

⚽ Amenity Kits

⚽ Landing Permits

⚽ Slot Confirmations

⚽ Ground Handling

⚽ Counters & Ticketing

⚽ Baggage Tagging & Loading

⚽ Fueling

⚽ Overflight Filings

⚽ Crew Coordination

⚽ Customized Catering

⚽ Decals & Interior Branding

⚽ Manifest Filings

⚽ Customs & Immigration


Worldwide prides itself on its vast network of aircraft and airlines, sourced from every corner of the globe. If you have a specific model or series in mind, we know where to find it! Our exceptional team works in tandem with airlines, tour operations and airports on all continents - we can get you anywhere…from the smallest regional airport to the major international hubs.


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