Our partners

Air Cote d''Ivoire is a company of rights Man from the Ivory Coast and seeks to become a company of foreground by making to the travellers an offer of an irreproachable quality at attractive prices combining the best operational standards and of security of Industry.
With a daily flight at the beginning of Dakar, it offers an excellent value for money to its passengers, by using a fleet of A319 Airbus configured in bi--class making it possible to answer the whole of the expectations of the market.

The company will articulate its operations around a structure of Hub, a first in West Africa.

Such an organization is a formidable tool for maximization of the receipt and thus an essential component of the profitability and success of the company.

Abidjan, system centre, will offer to the travellers a network of an unequalled quality by the wealth of the frequencies which it allows.